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Tom Paxton
Looking for the Moon


“A new collection of Tom Paxton songs is like a visit from a dear old friend. Even if you haven’t seen that friend for a long time, it takes no time to pick up where you left off. It’s been eight years since we last had an adult album of new songs from Tom . . . and it takes but a single hearing of any of these songs for each of them to become an old friend . . . Tom’s singing is as warm as ever and Jim Rooney’s tasteful production, including harmonies from Anne Hills and Nanci Griffith, is exactly what you’d want for these songs.” 
Sing Out! 

“…The songs are full of the low key humor and tender passion that are Paxton’s trademark, including an achingly beautiful song about 9/11 that avoids the usual jingoist flag waving to tell the moving tale of the office workers fleeing the towers and the firemen who rushed into the building to help save their lives.”

Looking for the Moon is a lovely, underrated record full of relaxed folk and country-tinged tunes with a simple and easy charm.”
Uncut, UK

“The great folk revival gave birth to a multitude of politically committed singers, but few maintain a high profile 40 years later. Tom Paxton, however, is different. Whether singing children's songs or protesting against social ills, he remains committed to a vision of a better world. While Looking for the Moon finds Paxton plowing the same fertile soil, he's become a subtler songwriter over the years, relying on natural imagery instead of the headlines. He also enjoys writing about the simple pleasures of life – a special someone, a quiet morning, and a sad memory – and doesn't fall into the same platitudes as a number of singer/songwriters. . . . Looking for the Moon is a mature effort, a singer/songwriter album for those who have moved beyond broken relationships and identity issues. Fans will embrace it warmly.”
– Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., All Music Guide

“[Tom’s] career spans over four decades and more over 40 album releases, and you’d be easily forgiven for thinking he’d be bound to run out of ideas after all that time. You couldn’t be more wrong, though, for on the basis of Looking for the Moon, his gift for writing simple, heartfelt songs is undiminished. And as always, that timeless, effortlessly easy-rollin’ style conceals the depth of emotion and passionate concern in the lyrics.”
Net Rhythms
"Tom Paxton would be a wonderful uncle to have – unpretentious, great stories to tell, wise in the ways of the world and understanding of human deficiencies. Listening to his music, is akin to slipping into a pair of your most comfortable jeans or shoes. While some young performers strain to produce quality material and other mature performers literally run out of things to say, Paxton remains, after all these years, a smooth, seemingly effortless song constructionist. . . A premier artist.”
Kevin McCarthy’s Celtic & Folk Music Reviews

“Greenie” Awards for 2002: Best CD for Singer-Songwriter: Tom Paxton’s Looking for the Moon.
Green Man Review

“This is the first solo studio album from the great singer-songwriter Tom Paxton since 1994 but the wait has been well worthwhile. Tom Paxton may be in the fifth decade of his illustrious career but his voice is as fine and expressive as always, heard here to wonderful effect on songs with evocative, personal lyrics.”
New Classics, UK