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Tommy Sands
Let the Circle be Wide


“If you treasure the Irish school of country/folk music, veteran singer Tommy Sands' new, generation-gapping collaboration with fresh voices Moya & Fionan, Let The Circle Be Wide (A-), is highly recommended.” – Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News

“In classic Irish bard style, there are nods to today but the overall effect is classic folk revival. A delightfully organic date with nothing for fans to feel self-conscious about as the tunes bleed from their IPod ear buds, you know this is why you got into offbeat music in college in the 60s. Winning throughout because it’s from the heart.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“A dense, lovely, and complicated record, with one of Ireland's best respected folk songwriters mulling over and celebrating the recent resolution of the centuries-old conflict between the English and the Irish, and the end to the "Troubles" of the last few years . . . it also sounds beautiful, and has a soulful feel that will draw listeners to it for years to come – Sands has put his passion on the line – both spiritual and social – and that's really about all we can ask of any artist. Definitely worth checking out, though it may take a while to fully sink in.” – Laurence Kay,

“Sands strongly believes in the power of inclusion on all levels. This rings throughout all his gentle songs, protesting violence and ignorance, urging understanding and closeness…as well as the joy of kicking your heels up every so often. Let the Circle be Wide is folk music through and through, gorgeously recorded, quite Irish but also distinctly global in its common concerns and sympathies for the land, for the oppressed, and for justice and life.” – Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“. . . Tommy's trademark political and artistic integrity is stamped on every song he's written, and his dream of an Ireland without conflict remains as powerful and committed as ever; he addresses the global concerns of humanity in an accessible and attractive musical language that resonates with the universal appeal of traditional Irish music. . . . [T]he musical backdrops Tommy employs throughout this set are exceedingly well-drawn and expertly recorded, with every strand of the sometimes quite busy and bustling texture admirably cleanly delineated and followed without distracting from the impact of the lyrics or Tommy's fabulous singing voice. . . . Welcome back, Tommy! For this is a triumph of a record: a wonderfully affectionate album, full of supremely engaging and enchanting songs and performances.” – David Kidman, NetRhythms

“. . . a wonderful celebration of Irish musicians and Irish culture and includes a wealth of historical information packed into the liner notes . . .”

– Catholine Butler, Celtic Connection, Canada