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beach full of shells

Tim Eriksen
Tim Eriksen


“Sublime, ferocious simplicity and directness.” 
Boston Phoenix

“Eriksen’s stark, no frills approach makes every song spring to vibrant life, proving again the depth and power of American folk music in it purest form.” 

“Eriksen's songs have a rare sense of purpose, from the stark ‘I Wish the Wars Were All Over’ to ‘Leave Your Light On,’ which describes the return of a farmer’s wife, accidentally - gulp - buried alive. Vocally it's as if Michael Stipe had fallen in with a Baptist preacher and the single guitar or banjo or fiddle that accompanies each song gives his remarkable voice room to do its stuff. ****"
Rob Beattie, Q, UK


“The songs here are staggeringly good. . . . This is an album that needed to be made . . . If you have any interest in acoustic/folk music and its heritage, then buy this album.”
Get Rhythm


“What’s particularly interesting about the pared-down interpretations of ballads, hymns, and other folk material on Tim Eriksen is that Eriksen didn't start out as a folk preservationist. . . . However rooted in tradition Eriksen is these days, though, there’s still something of a punk aesthetic at work here: the songs on Tim Eriksen are unabashed, forthright, honest, and were recorded in just a few short hours one November afternoon. Eriksen’s also evolved considerably as a singer from those early days, and here, often unaccompanied, his voice is full of raw power and emotional intensity. As always with any of Eriksen's projects, the liner notes provide enlightening courses in American musical history.” 
– Genevieve Williams, Editorial Review

“While Eriksen is clearly digging deep into folk tradition on this album, he is also using his distinct approach to put his personal stamp on this music. This gives traditional-based tracks like the ‘Lass of Glenshee’ and ‘Leave Your Light On’ a contemporary edge. Tim Eriksen goes a step further than recent Cordelia's Dad albums, exploring the roots of old-time folk in spare settings. Traditional music enthusiasts will enjoy this one.”
Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., All Music Guide


“Eriksen's credentials are impeccable, though only the tip of his musical iceberg. He is also one of the best hopes for keeping the chain of Anglo-American balladry – a traditional stretching across an ocean and many centuries of oral tradition – unbroken after one century of recorded music. His latest self titled release is about as solo as it gets – just Eriksen's voice, guitar, fiddle and banjo, recorded live without overdubs. His haunting vocals can floor rock fans . . . And his deep, seemingly spiritual connection to the music's ancient roots is a sure draw for growing audiences hooked on Celtic and Nordic roots music. Throw out any notions you have about 'folk', Eriksen connects the present and the ancient with an immediacy that will make your bones tremble."
Pulse of the Twin Cities