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beach full of shells
Tim Eriksen/Cordelia's Dad


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1. Granite Mills itunesbuy
2. Imaginary Trouble itunesbuy
3. Knife itunesbuy
4. Wake Up itunesbuy
5. Jenny in the Cotton Patch/Sally in the Garden/Callahan itunesbuy
6. Spencer Rifle itunesbuy
7. Montcalm and Wolfe itunesbuy
8. In the Cars on the Long Island Railroad itunesbuy
9. Le Reel a' Neuf/Le Feel a' Philibert itunesbuy
10. Three Babes itunesbuy
11. Abe's Retreat itunesbuy
12. Pilgrim itunesbuy
13. Return Again itunesbuy



Cordelia’s Dad plays uncompromising American traditional music with a “brittle intensity infused with passion” (NPR). Tender and intricate or minimal and almost brutal, this is music that is immediately recognizable as emerging from the heart of America’s musical heritage. The band taps into deep veins of American experience and musical tradition, forging a sound simultaneously surprising and almost genetically familiar.

Fronted by Tim Eriksen (vocals, guitar banjo), widely regarded as one of the finest folk ballad singers in North America, Cordelia’s Dad also features Cath Oss (vocals, mountain dulcimer, accordion), Peter Irvine (vocals, frame drum), and Laura Risk (fiddle, vocals). Their hair-raising performances of New England and Appalachian songs and instrumentals have won them a devoted following on college campuses, in the alternative rock scene, on the folk circuit, and in Europe.

The quartet has performed at many of the world’s major acoustic festivals and venues, as well as its most notorious rock clubs. Their music has been called “vibrant,” “breath-taking,” “transporting,” and even “scandalous.” They’ve received high marks everywhere from National Public Radio and Rolling Stone to Radio Prague and London’s TimeOut magazine.

Spine may be the band’s most emotionally charged effort to date. Produced by famed alternative rock producer Steve Albini (Nirvana, PJ Harvey, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant), the CD represents a common ground between American traditional music and the hard-edged energy of contemporary rock.





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