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Pete Seeger
Where Have All The Flowers Gone:
The Songs of Pete Seeger Vol 1


"Sensitive interpretations by Bruce Springsteen, Billy Bragg, Dick Gaughan and actor Tim Robbins make this an eloquent case for Seeger's stature as a cultural hero"
Entertainment Weekly

"Anyone looking for a primer on the power and beauty of topical songwriting would do well to start here"  
Stereo Review

"This is a tribute that does itself proud and honors an American musical hero. **** (Four stars)"
– New York Post

"A stellar all star lineup on this marvelous CD offering testimony to Seeger's status as Godfather of contemporary music."
Philadelphia Inquirer

"It is impossible not to be impressed by the incredible range and variety of music in this collection. A classic."
Detroit Free Press

"This collection is not merely a warm-hearted tribute to one of the founding fathers of modern folk movement, it is a benchmark for its future."
Mojo, UK
"A tribute album that is warranted, superbly conceived, and sublimely executed."
Chicago Tribune

“A pretty stunning group of socially conscious performers (from Bonnie Raitt to Billy Bragg) join in tribute to the inspirational music and life of Pete Seeger on this expansive 2 CD set. The grand selection of songs is well-annotated with notes from the artists and Seeger himself about each piece and its place in the pantheon.” Essential Recording