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Pete Seeger
At 89



“At an age where most men are struggling for breath, Pete Seeger has made a vibrant, full-bodied album that encompasses all his magnificent talents. In between rerecordings of Seeger classics such as "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy," his Vietnam-era masterpiece that is shamefully still relevant, more recent songs and some spoken-word interludes of recollections, there is also plenty of banjo and recorder playing. Seeger is buoyed by guest vocalists, children's choirs, etc., but stays center stage throughout on this masterful outing by an American folk music giant heading into his 10th decade on Earth.” – Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle


“. . . Here’s a record by a folk singer who is the opposite of an unhappy, delicate creature, who has no concern at all for the concept of the beautiful loser, who carries no loftiness or obscurantism about his own talent, who speaks to adults with the same clarity and care that one might speak to children, who believes that everything is done better in groups and yet puts enormous faith in the value of his individual effort. . . [a] sweet, antivirtuosic record . . . This is an artful gesture, but it’s not just for art’s sake.” – Ben Ratliff, New York Times Critics’ Pick


“. . . he continues to astonish with his joie de vivre and creativity. . . guaranteed to inspire. . . As you might expect from a Seeger album, the songs on At 89 take on some of the problems faced by America in 2008, and while the music is sometimes touched by melancholy, Seeger's faith in his fellow humans shines through clearly.”     – j. poet,


“. . . something of a treasure for longtime fans and packs at least a dozen treats for relative newbies.” Jeff Vrabel, Billboard


“I can't in all good conscience, tell you I can recall the time I heard a recording so joyfully stream-of-conscious as At 89. If I had to guess it was probably Pete's last record, 'cos that's what Pete does: He brings you to his stream for a drink, a frolic, and a singalong. Insightfully sequenced by guitarist/producer David Bernz, these 32 organic tracks, or should I stay steps towards Seeger's good, wise stream, focus not so much on the ageless voice and musicianship, but on his inexhaustible vitality and spirit. . . . Seeger soothes, challenges, celebrates, empowers and enlightens simply by getting us to sing. Imagine that as a global and personal diplomacy, then lend your voice to the gathering down by the crystal clear stream." – Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange


“. . . At 89, the patriarchal figure of the folk scene remains, despite his diminished vocal powers, an incredibly charismatic performer. Much of this 65-minute CD is devoted to new or previously unrecorded songs like ‘If It Can't Be Reduced,’ a musical lesson in environmental responsibility, and ‘Wonderful Friends,’ a salute to the values of friendship. There are also new versions of older songs . . . banjo tunes and some pearls of spoken word wisdom. (3.5 out of 5)” – Mike Regenstreif, Montreal Gazette


“Spunkier here than he even gives himself credit for, Seeger loves being in front of a mic again and delivers a commensurate performance.  Certainly a late in life valentine to his fans, he has earned the right to deliver any material in any way he sees fit.  The real fans are sure to respond accordingly. This is the kind of set that defies both category and criticism.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record


At 89 is a great album of music by a great hearted performer. In the forty odd years since I first heard him singing he's still the tall guy with the banjo. His voice might not be able to crack the sky anymore, but his heart and soul are as mighty as ever and that banjo still surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.” – Richard Marcus, Blogcritics Magazine