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Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt
A More Perfect Union


“The opening track of A More Perfect Union, called “God’s Counting on Me ... God’s Counting on You,” is just the latest in an unmatchable career of socially conscious songs that Seeger delivers with unparalleled conviction.” – Scott Bauer, Associated Press

“Great stuff for anyone looking to come to the table and find it packed out with a great, meaty musical buffet, folk music style (singer/songwriter to you young whippersnappers).  First class all the way.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Seeger and Wyatt reveal an easy rapport and still vibrant creativity. Musically, it’s a richly varied set . . . Uplifting . . .” – Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Let me put in a big tout . . . for the ever resilient Pete Seeger's two releases  . . . Pete Remembers Woody – Guthrie, that is – in stories and songs. Separately, he collaborates with Lorre Wyatt on a fine collection of righteous new anthems. (3½ stars)” – Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News  

“As he has always done, Seeger spins melodies that are simple, affirming, lovely, and many times laced with not too subtle metaphors. It’s no surprise that Seeger has influenced generations of singer/songwriters, and A More Perfect Union includes some notable performers who owe a debt to the old master.” – Wesley Britton,

“The tone of the album is established on the first song, ‘God’s Counting On Me…God’s Counting On You,’ a new anthem for these times about communal responsibility for fixing what’s wrong with our contemporary world. . . . It’s an inspiring song destined to join the long list of Pete’s essential classics. The communal spirit of “God’s Counting On Me” continues to be felt on such songs as ‘A More Perfect Union,’ sung by Lorre, Pete and Tom Morello, ‘Wonderful Friends’ and ‘A Toast to the Times.’ Other highlights include the gorgeous version of ‘Somos El Barco/We are the Boat’ sung by Pete, Lorre and Emmylou Harris . . . and quietly compelling ‘Bountiful River,’ the 10-minute opus which ends the album. That Lorre was able, 15 years after his stroke, to return to making vital music again, and that Pete has continued to be such a force of nature, music making and songwriting well into his 90s, is nothing less than inspiring.” – Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots/Folk Branches blog

“There are moments frozen in time that we will never forget, those of tragedy, like Sept. 11, and joy, like the birth of a child. There are songs like that, too. Music from our childhood that, when played or sung, bring back not only the moment, but also the freshness, power, and inspiration of youth. Seeger’s songs are among these and perhaps the reason that he is still going strong.” – Lisa Suhay, Christian Science Monitor

“The opening track, ‘God’s Counting on Us,’ stands out almost as much as Wyatt’s old gem ‘Somos El Barco/We Are the Boat,’ and it’s almost impossible not to be moved by two hoary men harmonizing on ‘Old Apples’ about wrinkly fruit that ‘still can make good sauce’. (3 stars)” – Mahir Ali, The Weekend Australian

With its reminders of personal responsibility and responsibility to care and act for others, ‘God’s Counting on Me…” [is] a rallying song in which liberal and conservative could find points of common. . . . Musically and in idea, it makes a fine opening track for an album that celebrates connection, humor, and good faith in ways that are real, realistic, musical, and quite needed in a season of politics. Wyatt and Seeger know that as important as politics and causes may be, they are only one aspect of lives lived through humor and connection and love. . . . One strength of the album is that you could choose almost any song as a centerpiece . . .” – Kerry Dexter, Music Road blog


“. . . The culmination of a project first mooted 15 years ago, but put on hold when Seeger's long-time friend and fellow songwriter Wyatt suffered a stroke; here it is at last -- with a little help from a few more friends. Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle and Tom Morello all weigh in, but it's the joy of hearing Wyatt's voice (a touch frail, perhaps) and guitar on rousing calls to arms such as ‘God's Counting on Me’ and ‘Keep the Flame Alive’ that pleases most. . . . (T)he finished product is a tangible illustration of the value of music as therapy. As the patient himself sings at one point, ‘Old apples can still make good sauce.’ (3 stars)" – Terry Staunton, Record Collector

“The songs themselves are of consistently high quality, and are infused with those time-honoured, lifelong thematic preoccupations of humankind’s mutual interdependence, encouraging community responsibility and concern for our environment – all expressed in affirmational music of simple melodic contour. The commentary may be barbed (‘God’s Counting On Me…,’ ‘This Old Man Revisited’) or sanguine and wry (‘Old Apples’), but Pete and Lorre’s continued commitment to, and deep affection for, the natural world is paramount (‘Keep The Flame Alive’), and their sorrowful response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster is both keen and thoughtful (‘Memories Out Of Mud’). The reflective, philosophical ‘Somebody Else’s Eye’ and the harrowing yet comforting ‘Strange Lullabye’ (tenderly performed by Seeger, solo and unaccompanied) also really hit the spot, while further balance is provided by the more heartwarming ‘A Toast to the Times’ and lighter moments such as the mewlsome ‘cats’ duet’ of ‘Howling For Our Supper.’ But whatever the theme, this is a most heartwarming record, and in many ways, A More Perfect Union of like minds couldn’t be envisaged. – David Kidman, NetRhythms

“The fact that this is an odds-against album is a small part of this story but worth mentioning. That Pete Seeger, in his early 90’s and Lorre Wyatt, coming back from a career halting stroke in 1996, still have the talent and strength to make music is inspiring. That they still have so much to say that needs to be heard makes this a vital work. . . . What a gift of warmth, wisdom and wit.” – Michael Devlin, Music Matters Review

A More Perfect Union sublimely personifies [Seeger’s] trademark propensity for benevolence, tempered with encouragement and empowerment; directed to a degree as it is as musical therapy for project collaborator and one time colleague, Lorre Wyatt. With the title a play on words that was in part inspired by the preamble to the United States Constitution (which opens with the words, ‘We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union’), A More Perfect Union celebrates a renewed (or, in Seeger’s case, reiterated) sense of purpose brought about by God’s grace and sheer determination. . . In the processing, they have enhanced their respective individual strengths, as articulated metaphorically in their upbeat ‘Old Apples.’” – Michael McDowell, Blitz Magazine



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