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live in '65

Pete Seeger
Live in '65



“. . . Arguably the best concert representation of this legend ever captured on disc. . . The two-CD, 31 song set finds Pete in peak powers, engaging the audience with the backstories and sing-alongs. Sound quality is shockingly good, too. (A)” – Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News 11/17/09

“Here, you hear him in his element as a storyteller, comedian, musical anthropologist, and — above all — an entertainer. . . . Seeger held the crowd in the palm of his hand during this concert — and he’ll hold you there, too, because these songs, and these performances, are every bit as essential now as they were in 1965. Appleseed has proven itself a worthy custodian of Seeger’s legacy for over a decade, and “Live in ’65” adds a deeper glow to an already finely burnished American icon. Buy it with pride.” – Jeff Giles,

“Seeger’s remarkable ability to interact with his audience . . . is on display throughout this previously unreleased performance and his between (and sometimes even during) song banter is every bit as entertaining as the 31 songs he performed that night. . . . This is classic folk music at its very best.” – Jeffrey Sisk, McKeesport, PA., Daily News 11/12/09

“Pete was very much in his prime when this concert was recorded. . . . Despite the fact that I’ve heard Pete’s various recordings of such songs hundreds, if not thousands, of times, I never tire of hearing them again, and of hearing the individual nuances of a particular performance. . . . I’ve come away inspired from every Pete Seeger performance I’ve ever attended – or listened to. This one included.” – Mike Regenstreif, CKUT-FM, Montreal, QC., “Folk Roots/Folk Branches” blogspot

“Above all else, Pete Seeger is an educator with a banjo who fully and faithfully understands the oral history implicit in the global song. He wholly recognizes the need for the collective heart to sing these songs and see themselves and their neighbors, near and far, in the rhyme – an ancient history transmitted by melody and voice.” – Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“. . . Seeger’s global smorgasbord of music merges traditional . .  . and contemporary material . . . with self-penned songs. . . . A Pete Seeger is much, much more than a collection of songs; his history, geography and anthropology rich narrations – between and during songs – make for an edifying experience. The world is truly a richer place for the music performed by this caring and peace-loving human being.”

– Arthur Wood, Maverick, UK


Live in ’65 serves its purpose well as a highly entertaining time-capsule/document that gives the listener a clear idea of what an effectively direct performer/communicator Seeger had become at the height of his powers during an era when dissent was not a popular career move for any musician lacking his courage and grit. A primer for aspiring folkies everywhere. (Performance: A)” – Rod Nicholson, Scene Magazine, London, ON, Canada 


"The music heard here, while great Seeger in his element stuff, transcends the historical import and contributes to a new unrest. Essays can and should be written about this set. It was lively, expressive, and deliberate. It entertained and it unified using music and lyrics as a weapon of peaceful intent. . . . I especially appreciate its appearance because of what it stands for, a hope of peace. (4 stars out of 5)” – Matt Rowe,