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Peggy Seeger


“This latest release both entirely accurately represents and proudly celebrates the consummate entertainer, communicator and commentator that is Peggy Seeger. This performance . . . forms an object lesson on how to engage and hold an audience’s attention over a long timespan, in this case with the most varied possible selection of material, all delivered in that characteristically clear, genuinely ageless voice. . . . Peggy’s supreme skill as a songmaker is complemented by her skill as a raconteur, and there are plenty of jokes (and serious inferences to be drawn) snuggled cordially into the running-order . . .” – David Kidman, NetRhythms

“At 75, Seeger still has her voice, banjo licks and acerbic charm . . .” – Neil Spencer, Uncut

“. . . Many of today’s younger folk artists could do worse than study this CD for an appreciation in the art of ‘communicating and engaging’ with your audience. . . . She seamlessly moves from her own self-written songs (the pithy ‘Everyone Knows’ and ‘You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are’) to the traditional ‘Loving Hannah’ and an a capella rendition of ‘I Been a Bad Bad Girl.’ This is a lady who lives life to the fullest . . . Charming . . .” – Pete Fyfe, Maverick

“Peggy Seeger has to date carved out a most impressive track record for herself. . . Peggy Seeger Live succinctly yet decidedly celebrates those numerous triumphs via her ability to bring to the table her respective strengths as vocalist, composer, arranger and instrumentalist . . . While it might seem difficult to summarize so vast and impressive a legacy into a single album, Peggy Seeger Live nonetheless serves as both a representative sampling of her most enduring attributes as a musician, while in turn inspiring further investigation. . . Those of us who are the beneficiaries of her tireless endeavors do indeed realize how blessed we are.” – Michael McDowell, Blitz

“. . .Still raising hell mixing new stories with her feminist classics and other goodies from her own classic American songbook . . . She might have been doing these songs for 60 years, but she still makes them sound fresh.  This is a real bar raiser of a folk record by one of the last real remaining links to the tradition.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record 

“The CD’s 23 tracks are divided between American folk songs, a number of original compositions, and some witty and biting spoken word interludes and poems. This is only the second live album of her 55 year career and finds her voice aging gracefully. The same cannot be said for her music and poetry, as she is still in the forefront of taking no prisoners with her biting commentary and social positions. . . . She has also always been an imaginative songwriter. . . One of her signature songs, “I’m Gonna Be An Engineer,” and the previously unreleased “Everything Changes,” which was written for her mother, make their live debuts. It is her wry comments and poetry that connect the songs and give the concert a warm and personal appeal that reflect her views and character best. . . . In many ways she is a throwback to the voices of a by-gone era that would not be silenced. Peggy Seeger Live is an excellent look into the life and music of an artist, whose type and style are quickly disappearing.” – David Bowling,