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Kim and Reggie Harris

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Kim and Reggie Harris


“Listening to Simplicity is akin to that first glass of orange juice in the morning, the first warm day of Spring, and a bolt of lightning in a thunderstorm. Kim & Reggie Harris are two artists where it’s hard to separate the singer from the song, even if they’re interpreting someone else’s song. They present a wide variety of songs, mixing gentle, personal love songs, fiery songs of protest, poetry and spirituals into this almost 69-minute gift of music. . .Some of the best work Kim and Reggie Harris have done in their almost 30-year career together.”
Sing Out!

“Kim & Reggie Harris roam far and wide on this recording with their loving harmonies and shared insights bringing to life and light 68 minutes of music, from Kim's experience ministering at Ground Zero to Pete Seeger's ‘Rainbow Race’ sung with Magpie, from a soulful and rocking ‘This Little Light of Mine’ to Phil Ochs' ‘Changes,’ this CD covers some great musical ground.
Rich Warren's “Midnight Special” Favorites for 2002, WFMT, Chicago (now syndicated and on XM Satellite Radio)

“While Simplicity’s willingness to delve into political and social themes is quite rare among post-revival folksingers, it is a welcome change of pace from the regular singer-songwriter fare. Kim & Reggie Harris have recorded a heartfelt album, delivered with sincerity.”
All Music Guide