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Kim and Reggie Harris


rock of ages
Kim and Reggie Harris
Rock of Ages



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1. Run Mary Run itunesbuy
2. Rock of Ages itunesbuy
3. Four Walls itunesbuy
4. Read the Lips itunesbuy
5. Stars that Didn't Shine itunesbuy
6. Eyes on the Prize itunesbuy
7. Home Again itunesbuy
8. Too Many Martyrs (The Ballad of Medgar Evers) itunesbuy
9. Get on Board itunesbuy
10. Crack in the Wall itunesbuy
11. We All Belong to Love itunesbuy
12. Passive Restraine itunesbuy
13. Walkin' in the Wilderness itunesbuy


Kim and Reggie Harris, those steadfast proponents of social change through music, return for their third CD for Appleseed with another diverse assortment of meaningful songs. The balance of the material slants toward the contemporary, since seven of the tracks were written by Reggie, by himself or in collaboration with Kim and others, but the topics are relevant in so many ways. “Get On Board” and “Run Mary Run” are traditional Underground Railroad songs, cheek to cheek with modern civil rights anthems (“Eyes on the Prize,” Phil Ochs’ “Too Many Martyrs [The Ballad of Medgar Evans].” The sad plight of the Negro League ballplayers, so long ignored by Major League Baseball, is captured on “The Stars that Didn’t Shine,” and urban violence is dramatically portrayed on “Crack in the Wall.” One of the best-known songs on Rock of Ages is “Passive Restraint,” a pro-seatbelt song written by Kim and Reggie and featured on National Public Radio’s “Car Talk!” program. Since Appleseed founder Jim Musselman’s work as a consumer advocate with Ralph Nader led to mandatory seatbelt rules, the song is particularly appropriate.  

On a more personal level, there’s Reggie’s “Four Walls,” a celebration of love; “We All Belong to Love,” about the fragility of that blissful condition; “Home Again,” which conveys the loss of death, and “Walkin’ in the Wilderness,” a promise of perseverance..

Accompanying Kim and Reggie’s lovingly entwined vocals are Reggie’s acoustic guitar and additional support by guitarist John Platania (Van Morrison), bassist Mark Murphy, and longtime Harris drummer/percussionist Brian Melick.








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