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Kim & Reggie Harris
Resurrection Day


"This duo has done something remarkable here. After nearly 40 years of singing about black struggles, black history and black rights (and the deprivation of them), they have come out with a civil rights album that’s actually inspired by Reggie’s battle with liver disease and subsequent recovery from liver transplant. Add in some songs by Phil Ochs, reach  backs to songs from the 30s economic depression and . . . what do you get?  A killer contemporary civil rights record that doesn’t hit you over the head, doesn’t shove you into the church basement and doesn’t force you to participate in marches. . . . The struggle for rights by everyone is an on- going thing but the generally positive and uplifting messages here hit the mark and don’t leave scars.  A wonderful album that anyone who doesn’t listen to death metal exclusively needs a taste of badly.  Killer stuff throughout and a real career topper.  It might be folk flavored but it goes way beyond folk music." -- Chris Spector, Midwest Record

I’ve long been inspired by Kim and Reggie Harris – by their moving work as recording and performing artists and by the deep commitment they have as activists who use their art to help make ours a better society. . . . As with all of Kim and Reggie’s albums, their voices frequently intertwine and support each other in glorious harmonies. Also, as with all of Kim and Reggie’s albums, they inspire with a message that we are all important and vital parts of a world that is so much bigger than any of us.” – Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots/Folk Branches blog

“The songs, as ever, are socially conscious, but very much about moving forward – in every way, as a version of "Never Go Back" makes clear. The Harrises do what they do superbly, a couple who have raised their game again with this release.” – Chris Nickson, 

“Miraculously, this married duo here continues its fulfilling life of musical activism with their own personal Resurrection Day. For Reggie has been battling the life-threatening auto-immune disease, for which he finally received a new liver in 2008, following which the long road to recovery was compromised by the devastation wreaked in 2011 to upstate NY and access to the couple’s property by Hurricane Irene. All of this adversity led to a new start, new songs and this new CD, on which the couple are audibly revitalised and in good voice. The songs therein "speak to what we now know of ourselves, of who we wish to be and to what we wish for the world", they say; and it’s both a privilege and an inspiration to share the journey with them on the CD’s thirteen tracks, two-thirds of which are fresh original songs by Reggie himself. . . . Total integrity and commitment are never for one nanosecond in doubt, so for any existing fan of Kim and Reggie’s music the heartwarming Resurrection Day will be entirely self-recommending.” – David Kidman, NetRhythms

“To say that I am head over heels in love with this newest release from former Philly local (now in upstate NY) artists, Kim and Reggie Harris, is an understatement. . . . Resurrection Day is musical medicine indeed, healing for the heart and soul. I honor what the Harrises have survived and am grateful that their own Resurrection Day inspires mine.” – Edie Weinstein,

“Recent journeys through change, hardship, faith, and love resonate through their work as much as does the couple’s commitment to telling stories of life and history through the perspective of their African-American heritage. . . . [And]face all these [challenges] they did, as the songs they have chosen and written for Resurrection Day, and the exuberance and joy with which they offer them, suggest. . . . Chances are, Kim and Reggie Harris will have you tapping your feet and singing along with them before the album is done, and reflecting on the ideas in their songs long after.” – Kerry Dexter, A Traveler’s Library blog