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Jonathan Edwards
My Love Will Keep



“The honky-tonk stardust cowboy . . . has remained a compelling troubadour, matching peers like Don McLean and Tom Rush note for folkie note. . . Easy-going folk and bluegrass and a clutch of diverse covers. His weathered but still supple tenor somehow manages to refresh them all.” – Roy Kasten, Riverfront Times, St. Louis, MO.

“The album recalls the glory days of the American singer/songwriter . . . These are songs that invite you to relax and stay awhile; once you put the album on, you’ll find yourself procrastinating all sorts of tedious tasks on your day’s ‘To Do’ list.” – Greg Victor,, New York, NY

“Love isn’t the only thing that keeps for the soon-to-be 65-year-old singer/songwriter. . . . the transplanted New Englander shows on his first studio release in 14 years that he’s still remarkably relevant. Leaning toward folk and bluegrass (and aided by the harmony vocals of Claire Lynch), Edwards offers five new originals and seven well-chosen covers — including a soft-kiss take on the Beatles’ ‘She Loves You’ and Jesse Winchester’s ‘Freewheeler.’” – Nate Dow,

“Still running with the heart of a kid while proudly wearing all the miles he’s traveled on his face, Edwards is right on the money throughout with an upbeat, high octane acoustic music session that celebrates the genre in fine style.  Folkie with a folk rock edge, Edwards brings the tonic for anyone that wants some real back porch music played from the heart. A winner throughout.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record, Chicago, IL

“. . . A thoughtful experience for a summer day, when a long lost friend comes to visit. It is a well-produced album and the songs fit his style well. It all adds up to a nice addition to his catalogue of music.” – David Bowling,, syndicated

“Jonathan Edwards’ voice sounds wonderful, maybe better than ever. He sings with purity and passion. . . . His version of The Beatles’ She Loves You … is utterly sensational . . . it’s fantastic. Music gets no better than this. . . . Someone of the huge talent, compassion, passion and style of Jonathan Edwards should not have a 14 year gap between albums. The world needs more Jonathan Edwards discs.” – Paul Riley, Country Music People, United Kingdom

“Edwards provides a dozen extremely well crafted tunes hitting a range of emotions and subjects, all couched in rootsy idioms . . .he gets nothing but better, as this disc, emerging after a 14 year hiatus, is his best. Ever.” – Mark S. Tucker, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“Not to get too hung up on cover versions, but of the 326,712 cover versions of Beatles’ songs, there’s a take of ‘She Loves You,’ on this new Jonathan Edwards’ album that is so unexpectedly unique it just might blow you away. That alone is worth the investment, but the entire album by this veteran folk singer is consistent, engaging and typically classy. . . The man who brought the world songs like ‘Sunshine’ and ‘Shanty’ four decades back is still singing beautifully with a pure approach and superb musical backing. His homage to John Denver (‘Johnny Blue Horizon’) is uplifting, his harmonizing with Claire Lynch on ‘Surrounded’ is very tasty as is Edwards’ version of Henry Gross and John Brannen’s “Tomorrow’s Gonna Come.” – Kevin O’Hare, Springfield, MA. Republican, syndicated

“You may not think you've heard of Jonathan Edwards, but you've heard his most famous song (the one that starts "Sunshine go away today/Don't feel much like dancing") about a hundred times, and with good reason: it's a brilliant piece of classic folk-pop, a perfect example of how to wrap barbed wire in a candy coating and make people enjoy eating it. His latest album is no less hooky and no less folky. . . His voice is still strong and richly textured, and  . . . his lyrics can be sharply insightful.” – Rick Anderson,

All of My Love Will Keep, its covers and originals, is a worthy Jonathan Edwards return.  It is heavily country and bluegrass flavored but then we knew that about Jonathan Edwards.  We’re just happy to hear him at it once again after so many years of absence.  My Love Will Keep is like an old friend we haven’t seen in some time.  We’d like him to come back yet again.” – Matt Rowe,

“His warm, mellow, honeyed voice remains in fine form (he makes James Taylor sound hard-edged) and his style now incorporates bluegrass and country elements. . . . Edwards also comes up with some strong original compositions.” – Kerry Doole, Exclaim, Toronto, ON., Canada

“Clearly, Jonathan Edwards has plenty more to say, and on My Love Will Keep he says it beautifully. If you're already a fan you'll enjoy this latest album. If you're not a fan, but you like your music meaningful, then you might want to take a listen. (4 stars)” – Donny Harvey,

 “. . . My Love Will Keep takes some unexpected twists and turns. An ambitious cover of The Beatles’ ‘She Loves You’ turns the once raucous number into a dreamy ballad.” – Lee Zimmerman, M Music & Musicians

Few artists are able to continually innovate at all stages of their career, but Edwards has done so, does so on this album, and will continue to do so.” – James McQuiston, NeuFutur Magazine