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J o h n... W e s l e y... H a r d i n g

beach full of shells
John Wesley Harding

Trad Arr Jones (2000)
(remastered reissue with bonus tracks)


". . . Gives the current folk revival something it has lacked: An album of actual folk songs.”                                                                                                                                                   – Dave Marsh, Playboy

Trad Arr Jones is a deceptively simple, powerfully immediate collection that casts its creator firmly in the troubadour tradition.”
– Rob O'Connor, Editorial Review

“A curious, but thoroughly charming, tribute to British folksinger Nic Jones. . . (T)his is all such a great distillation of the off-kilter folk stories that Jones specialized in – star-crossed lovers follow their hearts and are slain by jealous husbands, drown in raging rivers, and die of broken hearts while their love is away at sea. Besides, most of these songs are from Jones' impossible-to-find early albums, and will be unfamiliar to even the most ardent folkie. Harding's delivery is admirable as well – he approaches the material with the same richly melodic, reflective style that Jones had developed late in his career . . . Harding puts his own stamp on the songs, unraveling each story with a sense of wonder and freshness, so that the casual listener will be drawn in . . . He sings each line with feeling and attention to the meaning of the words, a performance style which has, sadly, grown out of fashion of late. . . Highly recommended.”

“A selfless homage – immaculate, faultless."
Bucketful of Brains