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J o h n... S t e w a r t

beach full of shells
John Stewart
Wires from the Bunker


“. . . In the early '80s, Stewart was making some very catchy, literate, and accessible pop music. These unreleased (and nearly destroyed) early '80s demos are the evidence. Stewart reworks some old Kingston Trio numbers, some gems from his '60s and '70s country-folk career, and adds many new lyrics, never heard before or since. . . . Those passionate about this underappreciated journeyman singer-songwriter will warmly welcome the discoveries.”
– Roy Kasten, Editorial Review


"The musical modus employed on these 18 songs is a mix of Stewart's earlier folk and singer/songwriter styles on Capitol Records and RCA, both solo and with the Kingston Trio, and his echo-y, hypno-rock style from his RSO days. Of the latter style, especially choice is "American Way," a pumping rocker featuring friend and Fleetwood Mac alumnus Lindsey Buckingham on backing vocals. It is a compelling, hook-driven song that would not have been out of place on Stewart's hit RSO album Bombs Away Dream Babies. In his folkier mode, "The Escape of Old John Webb," a tune earlier recorded by the Kingston Trio, is a standout. . . . For the converted, it is an unexpected treasure "box." Of the 18 cuts, a good dozen are album-ready, major-to minor gems. Even the demo-ish curios are never less than interesting.”
– Steve Cooper, All Music Guide

"Hypnotic folk-rock at its best."
Chicago Tribune, October 2000

"These tracks capture Stewart at the height of his commercial success, when he was writing driving, hard-edged, acoustic rock style songs."
Dirty Linen