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John Stewart
Wires from the Bunker



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1. American Way itunesbuy
2. Under Heavy Fire itunesbuy
3. Same Old Heart itunesbuy
4. When the Night was Ours itunesbuy
5. Hot on the Trail itunesbuy
6. Molly and Tenbrooks itunesbuy
7. The Escape of Old John Webb itunesbuy
8. Molly Dee itunesbuy
9. Liddy Buck itunesbuy
10. Cheyenne itunesbuy
11. It Might As Well Be Love itunesbuy
12. Wide Eyed in Babylon itunesbuy
13. High Flying Eagle itunesbuy
14. Tears of the Sun itunesbuy
15. All the Desperate Men itunesbuy
16. Diamonds in the Coal itunesbuy
17. One Shining Day itunesbuy
18. Rockin' As the Night Rolls On itunesbuy

John Stewart recorded Wires from the Bunker in California between 1981 and 1983.  Then the tapes lay forgotten until he cleaned out his garage and sent them to Tom Delisle, who helped to realize this project. The CD is comprised of 18 songs and features John and Lindsey Buckingham (of Fleetwood Mac) on guitars, Chris Whalen on bass and Bill Mutter on drums.  Highlights include the rocking "American Way" and one of the first songs that John ever wrote, "Molly Dee," which the Kingston Trio recorded when John was just 19 years old.  This song, "Escape of Old John Webb" and "Tears of the Sun" all include Nick Reynolds and Dave Guard (original members of the Kingston Trio) on vocals. Wires from the Bunker is finally being released almost twenty years after these hypnotic and driving folk-rock songs were recorded. From the depths of John's garage, across the frozen highways of America, and straight to this Appleseed collection comes this missing part of John Stewart’s singular career.




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