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Jesse Winchester
Love Filling Station



“. . . At last, we have a new Jesse Winchester studio album; nine finely crafted original gems and three excellent covers. . . . His music has often blended Memphis R ’n’ B traditions with country and folk influences. This album also has a very strong influence of early rock ’n’ roll, particularly the ballad tradition of singers like Roy Orbison, a bit of jazz and, perhaps in a nod to the sounds that waft through the Virginia countryside where he now lives, a hefty dose of bluegrass. (4 ½ stars)” – Mike Regenstreif, Montreal Gazette

“. . . [Winchester is a] warm, congenial countrypolitan singer. Let Jesse fill your tank with genteel tastes of downhome country shuffles, ’50s-style, swing-and-sway teen rock, folk gospel and more at the Love Filling Station.” – Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News

“[Jesse] sounds like he has not aged a day in decades on Love Filling Station, his first studio CD since 1999. It’s filled with his effortless style, and the warm and gentle Southern singing that marked earlier wonderworks like 'Yankee Lady' and 'Brand New Tennessee Waltz.' ” – Kevin O’Hare, Springfield, MA, Republican/Advance Publications Syndicate

“For Jesse’s fans, this is five-star stuff. For everyone else, it’s a great place to get acquainted.” – Jeff Burger, No Depression


“A beautiful set of insightful, laidback songs filled with his sly wit and delivered with his unmistakable voice. There’s always been a “front porch” intimacy to his best work, and this album is no exception. Very highly recommended.” – Gene  Hyde, CD Hotlist for Libraries

“A voice of Americana long before the words triple and a were ever put next to each other . . . [Jesse’s] still gloriously going his own way leaving classics in his wake . . .  A solid and charming late career entry . . . Another winner in a catalog you wish was fatter.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

[Love Filling Station] features all the breathtaking beauty of Winchester’s wisdom. His take on love comes from somewhere that feels like the center of his soul; he’s aware of the permanence of human feelings at the same time sensing the transitory trajectory of the heart. . . . A voice that borders on a weary angel. There is a sense of immortality in that sound, like the planets luckily aligned just right for him. . . . There aren’t enough Jesse Winchesters in this world, artists who use a guiding star to plot their course and then have the guts to stick to it. . . . We should follow him wherever he wants to go, using his heartfelt music for fuel so we can hopefully keep up.” – Bill Bentley, Sonic Boomers

“It’s a welcome return and a reminder of what an underrated vocalist he is with that tenor blend of folk, country and soul, not to mention his talent as both writer and, as his country soul take on 'Stand By Me' underlines, interpreter.” – Mike Davies, NetRhythms


“Classic . . . . Full of timeless melodies . . . a magical listening experience which distills some of the best and most overlooked musical currents of the past thirty years. (5 stars)” – Alan Cackett, Maverick Magazine, UK

“. . . Filled with songs that are beautifully crafted crystals of the moments that make a life the joy to reflect on, including the moments of living that hurt so bad. . . . The wonderful thing here is that Mr. Winchester displays that he is still, after all these years, showing the same sense of the poignancy of the moment that is captured, still ripe, within his songs, imbuing them with a meaning that other songwriters can only wish for. . . . The band assembled here offers some fine support and fully understands their position to support and enhance and that they do with both taste and feel. A disc that seems to grow into the listener with each listening.” – Bob Gottlieb, Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

“With Winchester being away so long, merely having him back in contention offers ample reward in itself. Always an essential artist, Winchester proves he’s as engaged as ever.” – Lee Zimmerman, Blurt-online

“Winchester proves to be one of the best songwriters in Americana music.” – Johnson Cummins, Montreal Mirror

“. . . [It’s] so fine to hear Winchester’s vocals. His marvelously crafted lyrics stand out on most tracks . . . The passion in his music seems shaped by time . . . This will be classic Jesse, with insightful lyrics, tender vocals and fun songs . . .” – Stephen Ide, The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA

“. . . On Love Filling Station, Winchester does a little drawing from the well with three very tasty covers, most notably a very cool version of 'Stand By Me.' It’s the originals that make this album special however and Winchester is in his element when painting his portraits of Americana with broad strokes and poignant wit. . . . This is a solid recording by one of the songwriting craft’s most gifted participants.”The Alternate