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Eric Andersen
Blue Rain


“Vivid and convincing . . . Andersen has produced his best effort in years with a handful of soulful, blues-stained musicians in Norway. 3 ½ stars”
– Greg Quill, Toronto Star, May 4, 2007
“Andersen's voice seems to have grown richer and has developed more texture over the span of time, something that rarely happens to rock singers; as a result, his readings of familiar lyrics carry more weight. . . To sweeten the blues mix, Andersen is joined by a solid band that never overplays, giving Blue Rain a simple, no-frills approach. . . . Blue Rain is a good place to reacquaint oneself with a fine musician and singer.”
– Ronnie D. Lankford, Jr., All Music Guide
“This earthy, shimmering live release, recorded in Norway, 2006, is quite possibly the bluest of the blue. . . . It's very hard to believe that Blue Rain is Andersen's first full length live album in a career spanning forty plus years. But believe you me, it's a great, great, great place to start.”  
– Mike Jurkovic, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
“. . . For this live outing, [Andersen] laid aside his 1960s classics like ‘Thirsty Boots’ and ‘Violets of Dawn’ and teamed with a trio of Norwegian blues musicians to reinvent songs from his catalogue like ‘Blue River’ and ‘Sheila’ as blues-based pieces and to take on blues material drawn from Fred Neil and Jimmy Reed. The album’s finest performance is on ‘Trouble in Paris,’ Eric’s tour-de-force song about the gritty underbelly of life in the French metropolis.”
– Mike Regenstreif, Sing Out!, Fall 2007
“Eric Andersen’s latest is the first live album of his forty year career, and it’s a stunner. Digging into his blues roots . . . he fronts an excellent Norwegian band led by feisty guitarist Morten Omlid. The set list includes originals such as his classic “Blue River” and “You Can’t Relive the Past,” co-written with Lou Reed. He also tosses off covers by Jimmy Reed and Fred Neil with comfortable ease. Everything works perfectly on this recording. Recommended.”
– Gene Hyde, CD Hotlist: New Releases for Libraries, July 2007
“Andersen has been at this a long time, never attaining the fame and recognition he deserves while creating an impressive body of work that this fine recording eloquently documents. . . Nothing takes away from the songs, performed intensely and precisely, with backing musicians admirably attuned to the singer's needs and nuances. . . . Overall, Blue Rain offers testimony to a fierce, continuing engagement with his art. Now in his own mid-60s, Andersen hasn't taken any easy highway. You don't get to be this good if you travel that way.”
– Jerome Clark, Rambles.NET, July 28, 2007


“Eric Andersen's voice at 60-plus is naturally huskier than it was during his halcyon days as a ’60's Greenwich Village folkie, and following that, a singer-songwriter. It's conducive, therefore, to singing the blues, and for his first live album that's what he does. . . . he is convincing, and there's no doubt he's in a comfort zone here. The bulk of the material is self-penned, and includes updates . . . of two tracks off his 1972 classic Blue River, the beatific title song and the junkie's lament "Sheila" A cover of Fred Neil's perennial "The Other Side of this Life" provides a classy lead-in, and the muscular "You Can't Relive the Past," which Andersen co-wrote with Lou Reed, doubles as an appropriate theme for this restless veteran.”
Harp Magazine




“Pulling songs from all quadrants as long as they interest him, Andersen makes this one for himself and it’s a real valentine for the fans. From Fred Neil covers to recent co-writes with Lou Reed, Andersen covers his lengthy career with his eye cocked on the blues he was first turned on to by Lightnin’ Hopkins. A tasty, zesty romp that finds him right up there with the best of his fellow blues loving white boys.”
– Chris Spector, Midwest Record