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Dick Gaughan
Outlaws and Dreamers


After nearly 30 years performing music, it would be easy for Gaughan to grow dull and complacent, but Outlaws and Dreamers proves that he still has the same spark that was evident on his earliest releases.
– Zac Johnson, All Music Guide

“This to put it quite simply as a fantastic album. Dick's voice has never sounded more strong, and indeed angry on some of the tracks. But there is a tenderness there as well especially on 'John Harrison's Hands' (for me the stand out track, about the man who built the first clock at sea to enable sailors to find longitude, but only got the credit late in his life) , and 'What You Do With What You've Got' a song about overcoming the stigma of disability. 'The Yew Tree' is an epic concerning Scottish history, 'Florence in Florence' is a cracking instrumental, 'Dowie Dens of Yarrow' is stark and powerful - sung with just a keyboard drone - works a treat. . . . The title track is Dick's own song about 'Those who know the meaning of making songs out of their dreams' – it's beautiful. A great version of the Phil Ochs song 'When I'm Gone' is next. 'Tom Paine's Bones, 'Strong Women Rule Us All' inspired by the legend of Flora MacDonald, and finally 'Wild Roses' by Kimmie Rhodes round off this exceptional and moving album.”
– Jon Hall, NetRhythms

“One of Gaughan’s strongest releases in years, with stripped-down acoustic arrangements that highlight his skill as a guitarist and allow his passion and sincerity to win listeners over.”
East Bay Express
“What it’s not is a collection of sweet but forgettable puff-piece melodies. Gaughan has dipped into the works of his spiritual compatriots . . . and once again molded a release grounded on the linchpins of freedom and equality. [He] is back with his unique song stylings . . . as strong and unequivocal as ever before.”
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