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david bromberg
David Bromberg
Live New York City 1982


“An amazing concert date . . . . the performances are killer. (A-)”
– Jonathan Takiff, Philadelphia Daily News, 8/5/08

“Hot and wild bluegrass picking . . . some funky blues, folk and a bit of country. (3 stars)”
– Mike Regenstreif, Montreal Gazette, 8/29/08

“One gets the idea right off the bat that this Bromberg kid — born in Philadelphia and raised in the Big Apple — is one hot country picker. Sizzlin’ hot, in fact. . . . the remainder of the quartet is also able to hold their own with the band leader. Bromberg’s band dishes up some outstanding, very traditional high-lonesome harmonies on this CD. And Bromberg, himself, can sing sweet as can be when the occasion calls for it.”            
– Dan Tackett,

“A high-octane bluegrass and blues date . . . this is one of the you-are-there moments that it’s nice was preserved.  Even if you aren’t a hard-core fan, it’s hard not to be impressed by the skill and chops on display.”
– Chris Spector, Midwest Record, 7/19/08

“This all-guns-blazing 70-minute set is one of those cult treasures that have attained legendary status over the years. . . . It’s a breathtaking parade of scintillating musicianship that can’t fail to stop you in your tracks . . . and the air of maximum enjoyment permeates effortlessly . . . This excellent set sounds just fine, with plenty of presence (the audience are heard having a great time too); it's one of the performances of Bromberg's career, from all four musicians involved, and utterly self-recommending, no debate.”
– David Kidman, NetRhythms

“. . . It is the instrumental interplay that is spectacular. The opening ten minute medley gives each group member the opportunity to shine and fit their sound together. . .
“Ookpik Waltz” is a beautiful instrumental song. It is a ballad without words. The sound evokes emotions without the benefit of lyrics. . . . Live New York 1982 is a feast of sound and song, mostly within a bluegrass setting. It is nice to have David Bromberg back, especially with an album that is an excellent and enjoyable listen.”
David Bowling,