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sometimes mother knows best

Christine Lavin
Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best



“Many performers in the broad folk genre attempt humor. Christine Lavin succeeds. Consider her the folk idiom’s fusion of Joan Rivers (though not as abrasive) and Will Rogers. As with most humorists, Lavin shares her charms and jokes best in concert. . . Where this album varies from Lavin’s previous live recordings is the inclusion of substantial monologues. Previously she had left only a minute or two of her spoken humor with her songs, here she speaks almost as much as she sings and proves she is a great stand-up comedian. Lavin gently observes society and personal foibles with an edge that keeps her humor interesting and sharp. She aims not to hurt, except, perhaps to deflate a few national figures who are in the news and, blessed relief: she can be hilarious without resorting to obscenity, sex and bodily functions. . . Letterman and Leno should wake up and book Lavin; this recording proves she’s better than the majority of the so-called humorists they present.”
Sing Out!
“An inspired, terrifically funny comedienne-songstress, Lavin has released sixteen albums previous to this live charity record in aid of the Women’s Resource Center. This one, her seventeenth, offers a mix of old favourites, previously unreleased tracks and laugh-out-loud fun ’n’ games and witticisms. An eclectic mix, covering everything from her disdain for wind chimes (the sound of angels belly-dancing) to imagining an advert for Taco Bell by seventeenth century composer Johann Pachelbel. ‘It’s going to be a long night,’ she warns the audience, who cackle their way quite unobtrusively through the 75 minutes of Joni Mitchell on laughing gas. ****"
Maverick, UK
“Christine Lavin is a cleverly observant singer/songwriter, but what makes her most appealing is the comical way she interacts with the audience, and that’s what makes this CD a joy . . . Lavin is at her lyrical best  . . . If you pay attention to the nuances of Lavin’s stories and songs, wahy you’ll hear is a biting, smart lyricist likely to have you rolling with laughter.” 
Dirty Linen
“Christine Lavin has gained a rep as a seriously funny gal, and Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best, recorded live in Colorado Springs, will do nothing to change that. . . Lavin's heady mix of humor and intelligence works best before a live audience, sort of like a standup comic with a guitar. In fact, she mixes in spoken monologues between her songs, asking penetrating questions like — why in the heck is a Bob Dylan song adorning a Victoria's Secret ad? Her satire on pieces like "Strangers Talk to Me" and "Wind Chimes" is more gentle than mean-spirited as she makes witty observations on her life as a traveling musician and the foibles of middle-class love. . . For those who like their singer/songwriter observations laced with a big dose of humor, Lavin’s Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best will more than fit the bill.”
All Music Guide
“. . .Sharp as a brand new Gillette/Schick/whatever, Lavin injects a fresh spark into each segment of this disc.”
“. . . On her latest record, the live recording Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best, her humor, generous insight and nearly anarchic energy are on display, both in songwriting and in repartee with the audience.”
Providence Journal, RI
“Giving a good listen to Christine Lavin’s brilliant new concert CD, Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best. Lavin continues to impress as one of the funniest, cleverest, most intelligent singer/songwriters performing and creating today.”
– Larry Hoyt, “Common Threads” host, WAER, Syracuse, NY
“The album catches [Lavin’s] rollicking comic persona, which sounds like the voice of Jennifer Tilly with the satirical wit of Jon Stewart.”
Colorado Springs Gazette