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Anne Hills
The Things I Notice Now

Anne Hills sings the songs ofTom Paxton



“. . . [A] wonderful set of a dozen Tom Paxton songs. . . . The [opening] track sets a high standard that is matched on each of the 11 songs that follow. While it’s had to pick favorites, a few of the others would include ‘Mother,’ a poignant song sung from the perspective of woman addressing the birth mother she never knew (as much as I like Tom’s version, this is a song that is even more compelling when sung by a woman); ‘Dogs At Midnight,’ which paints a sad picture of a coal mining town and the slow death that is a consequence of miners’ breathing coal dust; and ‘Time to Spare,’ a look back to youth and the changes the years bring.” – Mike Regenstreif, Folk Roots/Folk Branches blog

“Coming at the material with a whole different flavor, [Hills] surrounds herself with a load of her own old friends that play for her in a like-minded way. Kind of a Paxton back pages set, Hills shied away from the easy commercial choices and zeroed in on the fave album tracks and hidden gems making this a side entry of  a ‘new’ Paxton album.  One of America’s greatest contemporary songwriters, he may seem a touch under the radar to too many but this set proves the point once again that those in the know really know. A sweet set that’s a real folkie treat.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“. . . [F]eatures some of [Paxton’s] lesser known yet still laudatory compositions along with a gripping, newly written parting song titled ‘Redemption Road.’ Paxton also duets with Hills on three numbers--the bleak ‘Early Snow,’ an emotion-wracked "Hold Onto Me, Babe" and an examination of the poor as political pawns called ‘When Princes Meet.’ Other picks are the reflective title song, the insightful ‘Time To Spare,’ the topical "Hard Times Are Here Again" and a couple of songs about perilous occupations – ‘Cindy's Cryin’,’ and ‘Dogs At Midnight’.” – Gary von Tersch, Big City Blues

“. . . Hills has picked the [Paxton songs] most likely to be meaningful a century hence. . . . I am pleased to note that Hills’s interpretations do what only the most accomplished manage to do: fashion readings that stand on their own. . . . Hills makes Paxton’s material lovingly and memorably her own.” – Jerome Clark, Rambles.Net

“Normally tribute CDs leave me cold, because only exceptional artists can cover songs better than their composers and an album of covers wearies me if the artist brings nothing new to the table. That said, Anne fully understands every nuance and intention of Tom Paxton, while bringing her own insights to his music. Her voice sounds as lovely as ever. It also sounds more involved than ever. . . . The real showstopper is the last track, “Every Time” which is just Anne with Scott’s piano. That one track is a recording for the ages and reason enough to buy the entire CD.” (One of Rich’s Favorites of the Year) – Rich Warren, “Midnight Special” radio host, WFMT/syndicated

“It’s clear that Tom’s songs have always proved revelatory for Anne, and she once again shows herself to be one of his keenest and most percipient interpreters, turning in peerless versions of some of his lesser-known songs . . . The Things I Notice Now is an unforgettable experience for sure.”          – David Kidman, NetRhythms

 “A folk gem. (3½ stars)” – Jeffrey Sisk, Daily News, McKeesport, PA

“For most, Tom Paxton is one of those ’60s singer/songwriters who had a couple of big songs. But those were the merest tip of a very large iceberg, as Paxton’s longtime friend and admirer Anne Hills knows. . . . This collection is a reminder that there's great depth and variety to Paxton’s songs, and his oeuvre deserves further exploration. Hills not only offers a great birthday present but also a way into the music, and the elegiac "Every Time" is a wonderful closer.” – Chris Nickson,

“Paxton never indulged in the same acerbic approach to lyrics as, say, Dylan and others, while his firm grasp on life’s realities is borne out by much of the fare on offer here. . . . Anne possesses a crystal clear soprano and throughout this tribute collection her voice swoops and soars effortlessly.” – Arthur Wood, Maverick

“Hills doesn’t walk the familiar path by recording the Grammy Award winner for Lifetime Achievement’s best known songs. There’s no ‘Last Thing on My Mind,’ ‘Bottle of Wine,’ ‘Ramblin’ Boy’ or ‘Marvelous Toy’ here. Instead, there’s a song about a junkie prostitute (‘Cindy’s Cryin’’), a coal miner with black lung disease (‘Dogs at Midnight’), economic woes (‘Hard Times are Here Again’), and other dark topics. In other words, these tunes are about as far from folk pop fodder as one can imagine. . . . Hills sings and plays acoustic guitar with clarity and grace. Paxton joins in on the celebration and duets on four of the tracks, but his existence is best acknowledged on the songs themselves. The simple presentation of the material allows the listener to just hear Paxton’s creations.” – Steve Horowitz,