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Anne Hills
Points of View



“Hills' voice has never sounded fuller, more assured and more expressive . . . The beauty of this CD is that her voice sails above this ideal production to touch the listener with each and every song." – Rich Warren, Sing Out!

“. . . Hills returns to her own originals and delivers a timely folk pop outing for those that like to think along with their folk. The old time spirit of Joan Baez is alive and well.”
– Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Without question, Anne Hills is one of contemporary folk’s premier voices. . . . Having earned a master’s degree in social work . . . Hills’ writing seems more socially conscious than ever before on this 13-track release. Highlights ‘I Am You,’ ‘The Farm’ and ‘I’m Nobody’ reflect that political bent, while personal favorite ‘Pennsylvania’ and ‘My Daughter and Vincent van Gogh’ are perfectly crafted folk songs. (3½ stars)” – Jeffrey Sisk, McKeesport, PA., Daily News 11/12/09

“. . . Quintessentially Anne, and it’s a winner.” – Gary Tuber, Chicago Folk Music Examiner, 10/7/09

“Hills sings over gentle folk-pop arrangements in her warm, round-toned, unruffled soprano, usually suggesting Judy Collins . . .  Hills has spent much of her career performing the songs of others, often in the company of fellow singers, some of whom (Priscilla Herdman, Cindy Mangsen) also turn up here in subsidiary roles. It is characteristic of her that, even when she takes the focus for herself, not only as a singer, but also as a songwriter, she is still intent on presenting ‘points of view,’ not just, or even especially, her own.” – William Ruhlmann, AllMusic Guide

". . . A welcome return by this perceptive wordsmith.” – Arthur Wood, Maverick Magazine, UK

“. . . these songs are direct, melodic and deep.”
– Mike Regenstreif, music journalist & broadcaster, Folk Roots / Folk Branches blog (

“. . . it’s really good to finally get another solo set from Anne, especially since she’s manifestly still on such good vocal form, her precise tone and heartfelt delivery giving her images exactly the degree of presence and focus they deserve. Musical settings are admirably uncomplicated and undistracting, and even the two songs employing a rhythm section are cleanly and crisply rendered with no excess fat. . . .Yes, it was worth waiting for this new offering from Anne, for such is its quality that it will doubtless prove an unforgettable entry in her canon.” – David Kidman, NetRhythms, UK

“You might say that the title is misleading, for although Hills sings in the voices of different characters in different moods, her outlook is consistent. There is underlying emotion in her stories, but they smolder slowly beneath a reflective and philosophical outlook. . . . The sound here is full but uncluttered. Hills’ guitar and banjo anchor her soaring, classical sounding voice . . . It is not the type of thing you hear on the radio – it is the depth you expect from Hills.” – Dave Howells, Allentown, PA., Morning Call

“A seasoned performer and songwriter, Anne Hills soft voice caresses you, leads you to slow moments in time, when you find yourself thinking about those lost moments back on the farm.” – John Shelton Ivany Top 21 (syndicated)

“. . . songs filled with description and insight, some arising from Hills’ concern with social justice (she’s a social worker as well as a musician) and others from the lighter side of life.” – Kerry Dexter, Music Road blogspot