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Angel Band
With Roots & Wings



“It is easy to envision this excellent CD receiving a favorable response from both folk and alternative country audiences. . . . fine singers who handle themselves impressively well on original material as well as a cover of Chip Taylor's ‘Angel of the Morning.’ . . .  a consistently rewarding sophomore effort from Angel Band.”
– Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

“Nancy Josephson, Jen Schonwald and Kathleen Weber do sound positively angelic when wrapping their voices around the sweet harmonies that run through this album. . . . There’s also lot of power and versatility in a remarkably diverse set . . . The great singing is matched by a superb studio band that includes guitar legend David Bromberg . . . (4 stars)”
– Mike Regenstreif, Montreal Gazette

“[Their] combined and individual voices will make you think you have somehow been placed in the company of Angels. There is a power in this music that is undeniably compelling and compliments the nature of the songs . . . This is a band that relies on the strength of the material they write or chose to sing, the musicianship of both the singers and musicians and the absolute integrity of the performances. . . . Most of the instrumentation is acoustic which allows the strength of the voices and the stunning harmonies to shine on thru. This is truly a band that is aptly named.”
– Bob Gottlieb, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“The Angel Band sounds more earthy than ethereal. . . . You can feel the flesh and blood pulsate through the country and bluegrass music as they harmonize. . .”
– Steve Horowitz,

“Amazing vocals, amazing writing, amazing harmonies: Yup: With Roots & Wings - the debut album from Angel Band is downright amazing. . . . These girls and their musicians could roll into any tiny town in the USA, stand on any makeshift stage and produce exactly the sound that you hear on the CD. . . . Do yourself a favor and listen to this one! It’s how Country music should be!”
– John D. Lewis, Rodeo Attitude News

“There’s plenty of harmonizing and ear-pleasing string music here, and Josephson's songwriting skills are sharp. But it’s the unexpected twists and turns that make the biggest – and best – impression."
– Jeffrey Sisk, McKeesport Daily News

“The exuberance and power in the trio’s singing is overwhelming, thankfully each singer having a chance to also lead the ensemble and show the musical colors each contributes to the heady blend.
– Evan Hodge, Americana Roots

“Their music is as gentle as the sunset, powerful as the word of God and sweet as honey."
– Gina K. Singerhouse, Strictly Country