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Angel Band
Bless My Sole


“. . . One of the most spine-tingling vocal trios to come out of the States in a long time. . . equal parts earthy authenticity and polished class. . . Instrumental backing is tasty throughout, but it’s those magnificent soaring, soothing and sometimes searing vocals that cut to the heart and soul every time. (4 stars)”
– Oz Hardwick, R2 (Rock ’n’ Reel), UK

“. . . powerful harmonies . . . Angel Band’s sophomore album highlights bandleader [Nancy] Josephson's strong songwriting skills and a breadth of influence ranging from Patsy Cline to Aretha Franklin.” – Eric Alterman, Altercation blog, The Nation 

“A zesty trio whose group chops have really been honed at all levels over the last few years, this is first class adult pop for jaded ears that feel forgotten. A delight at every level.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“. . .  Rousing and redemptive is the healing power of folk wrought by the female harmonizing Angel Band on "Bless My Soul" (B+). The Louisiana flood-inspired "Didn't See It Coming (When the Levee Broke)," pointedly political "King of Nothing," embracing "Same Boat" and promise of "Hope Is on the Way" are faves, but all's good and gently grooving.” – Jonathan Takiff, Daily News, Philadelphia

“The three harmonize and take turns singing on an exceptionally robust collection of songs infused with folk, country, and blues.”
– Nick Cristiano, Philadelphia Inquirer

“By enlisting Dixie Chicks producer Lloyd Maines as co-producer and guest instrumentalist for their second album, this emerging vocal trio invites comparisons to the vets – and comes out pretty favorably. Kathleen Weber, Aly Paige and Nancy Josephson sound bluesier, accentuate close-harmony singing to an even greater degree and rely more on an excellent backing band; both groups write feisty, heartfelt songs that sometimes delve into social/political issues (Hope Is on the Way; Black Tar Sway) – and sly humor (Boots of Guadalupe). (3 stars)” – Jerry Shriver, USA

“. . . a delicious, rootsy, bluesy stew delivered with a dash of hot sauce, along with other essential acoustic ingredients to what some call ‘Americana’ . . . we call it ‘Angel Band music.’” – Americana 

“Harmonies, at times strong, powerful, delicate, stunning, uplifting, beautiful, ethereal, earthy, combined with excellent songwriting and fantastic musicianship are what you are going to hear on this recording. . . . Angel Band has slowly been building a reputation for its fine shows that will uplift you when you are feeling down with just the beauty in their harmonies and the way they can switch from robust to delicate at the drop of a syllable, the way the musicianship stays right with the song and the quiet yet compelling solos within the song. Bless My Sole is a disc of rare beauty and fine balance and vocal power. . . . it is one of the finest discs to cross this desk in the past few years in every possible way.”
– Bob Gottlieb, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

“The Angel Band produces a heavenly noise of the down and dirty, real life, the future is here kind of way. Not to deny the message. Many of the stories are aimed at a need....a timely voice offering belief, real four time, tap to the beat belief.” (Artists of the Week). The Alternate Root

“. . . the nub of the Angel Band sound is still those glorious vocal harmonies, with fluent and easy trading of lead and harmony roles by all three ladies. . . . the songs running a healthy gamut from soulful Americana to rootsy-folk-country-rock through gospel, cajun and mex to indie-country, each example making best capital out of a canny pick of lead singer out of the three. . . What all the songs have in common is a solid acoustic base, well balanced to an excellent rhythm backing that’s not over-driven or over-prominent, and a keen sense of structure that unerringly supports the song’s message.”
– David Kidman, NetRhythms, UK

"Angel Band is not exclusively about harmonizing. The musicianship brings to life classical roots and spectacular melodies. . . . When listening to their tracks it just feels like the sun is rising in your heart. . . The band delivers both quiet pieces and classic, fun folky pieces to enrich the soul. They are the perfect solution for those of you wondering how to break free from the generic mainstream pop on the airwaves these days.” – Christy Mannering, Wilmington, De.,

“The distinctive mix of voices on Bless My Sole is stunning; you'll find yourself listening to Bless My Sole again and again in awe of the blends these three ladies create. And in case you're wondering, the rest of the band is equally good. There's no missing link here. Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5).” – Wildy’s World blogsite